Sunday, November 20, 2005

Political Wrangling Over Iraq War Misses Big Issues

The Chatanoogan

Opinion Piece
November 18, 2005

It is likely that the Bush Aministration cajoled intelligence information to bolster their desire to go to war in Iraq. It is likely that they would have gone to Iraq without Congressional approval. All the current name calling, debate, and accusations feel like deja vu. I, we, have already many times been subjected to these debates. This is old news, and only when there is strong, significant evidence that the Administration "misled" Congress or the American voters...i.e. "lied"...will we be able to move past the current debate and political wrangling.

What we need to do in the interim is come to grips with the Big Issue that is rarely discussed...Oil, and the distinct possibility that that the world's second largest reserves are in Iraq. Believe me when I suggest that the war for fossil fuel dominance has begun, and likely long before our invasion of Iraq.

If you are not yet familiar with the concept of "Peak Oil." I suggest you "google it." We are dangerously near such a peak in oil production, and a world beyond such a peak will likely be rife with conflict. The U.S. has roughly 5% of the global population, and uses roughly 25% of global oil production. We are, and have been devoid of a clear strategy to overcome our dependance on oil, especially that from foreign sources. China and India are coming on strong in their need for oil. They need it to fuel industry, to drive cars, etc. Their combined populations far and away exceed our 5%.

The struggle for fossil fuel dominance is on. Iraq is an act in a play. What we as a people need to decide is our willingness, or not, to sacrifice the lives of our military personnel and the lives of countless others, in order to prolong our current way of life.I have made my decision. I only have to ask what would Jesus think, what we he do? Where does war and killing fit into the larger Christian ethic? The answer is simple. It does not fit, does not jive, and is altogether conflicting.

Jeff Campbell


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