Sunday, January 29, 2006

World about to hit down-side of peak oil curve

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Letter to the editor
January 29, 2006

Regarding drilling for oil in the Gulf:

Petroleum geologists tell us that 95 percent of the world's oil has been discovered. U.S. production peaked in 1970; world oil production will peak this year or maybe in five years, depending on one's source. With demand continuing to rise, we are well on our way to global inflation, which would be followed by a depression.

Drilling for the last dregs of a dwindling resource is not a solution.

We have access to an incredible energy supply that will never stop: wind power. This environmentally friendly source is in sufficient supply to provide electrical needs for the entire country. Surplus power can manufacture hydrogen for portable usage. Ethanol from corn, cane and other grains, along with soy biodiesel, can fuel autos. The biofuels all burn clean and do not make hydrocarbons like petroleum does.

Tax incentives and other governmental programs should be focused on weaning ourselves from the petroleum addiction. This would improve the air and water and stop greenhouse gas emissions. This would also lesson the need to meddle in the affairs of Mideastern countries. We should save the few untapped oil reserves for future generations.

David Emmerling



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