Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crude Oil Price Portal Turns Peak Oil Price Into Investment Opportunity


November 28, 2005

Rising oil prices have many investors concerned, but www.oil-price.net predicts investment opportunity.

For Immediate Release

PORTLAND, Ore./EWORLDWIRE/Nov. 28, 2005 --- Oil-price.net today announced the release of its new and improved crude oil price portal which offers free live oil quotes, price forecasts and advice to investors on how to benefit from high oil prices.

The free portal gives constant live market quotes and charts for crude oil and predicts future prices based on historical activity and current trends.

By also providing guidance and investment advice, the portal allows investors to benefit from high oil prices and "peak oil."

Peak oil is an influential theory concerning the long-term rate of conventional oil (and other fossil fuel) extraction and depletion. Based on current information about known oil reserves, this theory predicts that world oil production will peak around the year 2007.

Meanwhile, demand for crude oil is increasing, leading to a peak in crude oil price. Crude oil price has a direct impact on gasoline prices and all sectors of the economy.

By visiting the http://www.oil-price.net/ portal daily, investors can accurately track the progress of crude oil, today's most important factor in making wise investment decisions.

Visitors to http://www.oil-price.net/ benefit from timely critical information regarding the oil market, both on weekdays and weekends when crude oil is traded.

This wealth of information gives visitors of http://www.oil-price.net/ a definite edge over regular investors in today's energy-conscious economy.



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